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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use Mathchops?

It's best to get into a routine. Even 15 minutes 4 times each week will make a huge difference over the course of a few months. If you need to improve more quickly, you might want to practice for 30 minutes every day. It's also very important to read explanations for difficult questions, 'star' the questions you would like to review, and play the Level Challenge regularly to ensure that all of the games are at the right level.

How should tutors use this site to help their students?

Encourage students to star difficult questions. When you meet, you can create a Practice quiz that just focuses on these questions. You can also make Practice quizzes that focus on specific areas, like linear functions or probability. It is also good to encourage students to work on Mathchops every day for 15 to 20 minutes.

What is the Level Challenge?

The Level Challenge is a long-running game. You start at the lowest level (330 for SAT, 13 for ACT, 1 for ISEE) but if you defeat the challenge, you move up to the next level. This game is very important because every game, quiz, and homework assignment is tied to the level you have achieved through this game. It is very important for students to play this game without help. Students should play this game at least once per week.

Can I get help on quizzes?

You can't get help on the Level Challenge, but you can get help on every other quiz. You should try each problem by yourself first, then get help (if you need it) when the problem comes around again.

Why aren't the questions in multiple-choice format?

There are several advantages to having students enter an actual number as an answer. For one thing, it is very difficult to guess the answer. Therefore, right answers mean more. This allows our algorithms to make much better predictions about which problems students should answer next. Also, this format builds confidence: when you get an answer right you know you've earned it.

Why are the questions individually timed?

To manage your time properly, you need to 'feel' when you are spending too long on a problem. Most students lose track of time. They think, "I did that last one really fast so now I can take my time on this one." In fact, you should only give each problem one good chance. If you try it several different times you will waste a lot of time (which makes it harder to get the later questions right) and you might get it wrong anyway.

How does the homework system work?

Some questions are going to help you more than others. Your assignment is to get a certain number of these questions right each week. To make this more fun, we give you a special coin each time you answer one of these questions correctly. For example, your homework might be to get 15 gold coins over the course of the week. The good news is that these coins appear across the site, so you can play any game you like and still finish your homework. As you earn more coins, you'll notice that it is easier to advance in the Level Challenge.

How is this different from Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is great for covering a lot of content across many subject areas, and the video explanations are often excellent. However, it can be difficult for students to know which questions to practice or how to find them. When you’re studying for a test, you don’t want a million questions – you want 200 good questions, the ones that are most likely to help your scores go up. Mathchops finds these questions for you. It’s also important to note that Khan Academy only covers the SAT (no ACT, ISEE, or SSAT), and does not offer any games.

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