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Mathchops has been a great resource to add to my tutoring arsenal; I can assign quizzes around certain skills and levels, the student has plenty of options in terms of activities to keep things "fresh" as they study and I can see before our lessons throughout the week how they are doing in terms of time studying as well as performance. I highly recommend this program! Read more...
- Kaitlin Douglas
(tutor, San Diego, CA)
I am so glad to have found Mathchops. It helps me give my students the kind of practice they need, working on specific concepts, with a difficulty matched to their level. And while I wouldn't call any math test prep fun, my students consistently get more practice done through Mathchops than through other sources. Read more...
- Blake Jensen
(tutor, San Diego, CA)
ISEE Level
If the ratio of reds to blues is 6 to 2, and there are 72 reds, how many blues are there?
530 - 630
SAT Level
What is the value of xx in the system of equations above?
28 - 32
ACT Level
If 9k=276{{9}^{k}}={{27}^{6}}, what is the value of kk?
5 - 6
ISEE Level
What is the slope of the line that contains the points (6,4)(6, 4) and (4,10)(4, 10)?
ISEE Level
If the ratio of reds to blues is 6 to 2, and there are 72 reds, how many blues are there?
530 - 630
SAT Level
What is the value of xx in the system of equations above?

The Questions That Count

The same question types show up again and again on real tests. The numbers are different, the setups are different, but the skills are the same. We pick the best ones for you to practice, based on your previous answers. How it works...

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Maximize Your Efficiency

On a typical practice test, only ~20% of the questions will actually help you improve. The rest are too easy or hard. We help you find and master the 20% that matter for you.

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Created By Experts

Two former Google engineers (Jon Bedard and Matthew Keller) and an NYC tutor with 18 years of experience (Mike McGibbon) created Mathchops to help students learn math faster, and have more fun doing it.

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Mathchops has helped students at every top prep school in the Northeast, and many of the best universities in the country.


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